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Kush Kingdom Wellness Center

Providing natural therapies to those in need.

Founded in 2018, Kush Kingdom Wellness is the remarkable another half of Zion Kingdom Ministries. We are a collectively-run non-profit natural health center providing high-quality medicinal natural plant products and other holistic therapies. We are the only dispensary in Missouri that offers low-cost holistic health services to our members.

Clients of Kush Kingdom Wellness access our services to treat a variety of health conditions, including cancer, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, sleep disorders, anxiety, HIV/AIDS, and chronic pain. Many members of the Kingdom Wellness community are unable to work due to their health, which results in limited healthcare choices. This is a gap that Kingdom Wellness strives to fill.

Our practitioners offer natural therapies to members and the public on a sliding scale fee basis. We offer a variety of modalities in a healing supportive environment, including:

• acupuncture

• counseling

• nutrition

• herbalism

• integrative energy healing

• massage

• craniosacral therapy

• yoga for chronic pain and trauma

Kingdom Wellness also houses an Emporium stocked with organic and wild-crafted herbs, from which the herbalists prepare customized tinctures and herbal remedies. Both members and non-members can also purchase vitamins and nutritional supplements at a reduced cost from the Wellness Center.

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