Total resurrection and restoration are possible.

We offer the people a new life and new hope through a spiritual experience, the love of The Most High, the teachings of The Gospel, intensive discipleship, and the support of the members of the church Kingdom.

Our Men’s and Women’s homes are communal live-in, no-charge resurrection-restoration homes for adult men and women looking for a place where God changes lives.

Restoration Cycle

The first phase of our program is from nine to twelve months (some stay longer as counselors or staff members). During this first phase, a person is set free from life-controlling habits and is taught Biblical principles and values to equip and sustain as they become productive, law-abiding community members.

The second phase consists of the person’s involvement in the church where they become responsible, active church members.

The third phase is preparation for full-time ministry as Ministers or team members to plant new restoration churches.

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